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colliny2k's gameplay for Left 4 Dead (X360)

colliny2k earned achievements in Left 4 Dead

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colliny2k said...
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Received the achievement for beating a campaign, while sneaking past all the witches.

I also attempted to get the achievement for killing a Tank solo...but I wasn't able to. I don't really understand how you're supposed to get this. There's always people with you (multiplayer and solo). I tried to do single-player and kill off the bots that are with me (so they can't shoot)...but than I kept getting hit by Hunters and Smokers. Ugh. I mean, sure, I'm careful...but those things can come from behind at any moment with little ability to see it coming. I dunno, I'll get it eventually, but it's quite annoying.
Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 18/NOV/08
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My friend got that achievement on the PC when he was playing No Mercy and his other teammates were destroyed - basically what he did was light the tank on fire first and then proceeded to circle strafe it with a shotgun.

It was pretty epic to watch.
Yea, that's the problem though...it's very situational and rarely are you in that situation to take advantage of it. Plus, even if you get in that perfect situation, you have to make sure you win, haha. That's okay though, I'm good with the uber pwnage...I just need the situation to occur.
I kind of like achievements to work out that way - just look at the TF2 achievements, they are pretty similar in the regard "Kill a Heavy while he's eating a sandwich with your baseball bat" pretty specific, but it's cool to know you've been recognized when those things happen.
Yea, that's true. I do like achievements that just happen and you're like "what the heck was that...sweet!"
The one that I had the most fun with was "Sneak up on a witch and kill her with one shot" Achievement or whatever it's called. Came across a witch at the top of a ladder with her back to me. Had a chance to carefully line up my shotgun and blam. She was minus a head.

Maybe I'll see if I can find another copy of this. I actually have people on LIVE I play with now, so I'd probably get more enjoyment out of it than I did at first.
I still need that one as well. I tried it before, but was trying it with the sniper rifle....I got the headshot, but she didn't die. I guess you have to use the shotgun :/
It was called "CROWN'D" I believe
Haha yah any shotgun and if she has her back to you just walk up and keep pushing into her back. She will stand up and go crazy, but should not be able to hit you. Unless they fixed that in the patch. Haven't played it since then so don't trust me on that one.
Haha, if I get close enough to touch her back, I'm going to shoot her head off....not keep running into her back.
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